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Whatever the make, model or size of your installation we are pleased to offer a broad range of maintenance, modernization,


Lift Industry

Problems with cover for your lift portfolio? Repeat calls jeopardizing your business relationship with clients?


Spare Parts Supply

XIWU spares, Next day delivery and all other manufacturer spares are available.

M.N Quraishi Brothers Company is

An independent business specialized in lift and escalator maintenance, repair, modernization and installation. We have highly motivated and qualified engineers, our services are structured to cover the whole lifespan of your lift or escalator from installation to refurbishment, modernization and repairs.

M.N. Quraishi Brothers Provide Quality Products and Quality Services

Our engineers are available 24 hrs of the day, every day of the year

Upgrades and Repairs

Old lifts don’t always need replacement – with a properly specified upgrade these items can be addressed with competitively priced solutions tailored to meet your long-term property needs and financial constraints. We can offer solutions to include:

  • Energy-efficient Control and Drive system upgrade
  • Door operating system upgrade
  • Lift interior modernization
  • Operating pushes and information display upgrade
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From the smallest passenger to the biggest goods Lift,
all installation work is carried out to the highest industry standards.