Elevator Installation

M.N Quraishi Brothers Company offer quality installations of lifts. From the smallest passenger to the biggest goods Lift, all installation work is carried out to the highest industry standards, and there is no restriction on the types of lifts installed.


The lift/Elevator installation process:

  1. A specialist engineer will contact you directly and work closely with you to give a superb quality of service
  2. You will be advised of any preparatory work that is needed before installation can take place
  3. A survey will need to be carried out before any installation work can begin
  4. If deemed necessary, recommendations may then be made to you

Our independent status enables us to source the correct equipment to provide the right installation for you. M.N Quraishi Brothers Company provides the customer with a high quality product in installations.

Elevator parts:

Control Panels






 Speed Controllers and Clipers


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